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Council names Rob Wyman as city manager

The City Council hired interim City Manager Rob Wyman as its permanent city manager Aug. 31 by a 6-1 vote with Councilman Sonny Putter dissenting. The decision came after a one-hour executive session discussing the final four candidates for the position with recruiter Greg Prothman. Wyman’s salary will be $110,000 per year with benefits, and […]

Concussions have serious repercussions

Here he comes: the hulking middle linebacker. He cuts through the offensive line and jukes the blockers, heading toward the quarterback with explosive speed. The quarterback, now defenseless, has precious moments to brace himself before the defender pummels him. The crowd flinches as the crack of the hit echoes through the stadium and the quarterback […]

Falling From the Earth

In spring 2013, I completed my master’s thesis, which was easily the biggest project I’ve ever completed. The project, Falling From the Earth, is a prototype of an immersive video exhibition exploring the relationship between immersion and the uncanny within the context of a narrative. Following historical, philosophical, and psychological theories of immersion and the uncanny, it places […]

A major league homecoming: Issaquah grad Colin Curtis, now a New York Yankee, plays in Seattle for first time as major leaguer

In 2010, I was able to cover the story of a local ballplayer who made the big leagues. This story, which ran in The Issaquah Press June 14, 2010, took second place for Best Sports Personality Profile from the Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association. Fifteen years ago, had Colin Curtis known he would someday become a […]

Uncover the dark side of Issaquah: The tree-lined suburb of today evolved from a frontier town of sinister secrets

Ever wonder what your hometown’s deepest, darkest secrets are? I did, and I pitched and wrote this story for The Issaquah Press’ biannual living magazine. The story won first place for News of the Weird from the Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association in 2011. Welcome to Issaquah! On your left, you’ll see the Triple XXX Rootbeer […]